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Nov. 14th, 2016 01:52 am
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In which medium refers to mode of transmission (3D projection, video, text, et cetera) and security/encryption indicates the level of intended privacy. Please consult the FAQ for information about hacking and communication technologies.
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Who: Rhys + OTA
When: W10D2
Medium: Text
Security/Encryption: High, traceable to Westerley
Warnings: None

Posted by: AtlasCO
At: 06:01

Effective immediately any person in need of food or water may report to the Keffree Tea House for rations free of charge.
Limit one per person, per day.
All will be welcomed with open arms.

-Atlas Corporation.
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Who: Hawke and Angel
When: W9D2
Medium: Text
Security/Encryption: very high, unhackable untraceable
Warnings: none

[The vivid dreams (nightmares) that had been plaguing Angel for the past few weeks had finally ceased, but in their stead came a wealth of questions. Especially after this.

Since putting up her anonymous post, Angel had been stuck on a particular name: Hawke. She had seen it before, multiple times, she was sure, and something whispers in the back of her mind that she's also heard it spoken, introduced. And so she began looking.

The initial search brings up the obvious, Hawke's general profile (a high ranking level 3 RAC with an unfortunate history of being in the right place at the wrong time, or visa versa. Hailed from station Kirkwall but now resides on Westerly. Network history indicates she loses her dog a lot.) where Angel stops to observe the crooked smile staring back at her in Hawkes registered photo. It's a face she knows, not from any personal encounter, but she's sure it was one she saw in a recent dream. That starts to bring things together, with both the question of how she's been dreaming about real people she's never been in contact with, and a convenient in with one of those people as herself rather than an AI, giving her the ability to ask questions pertaining to a human girl that her other self cannot ask.

And so, through deeply encrypted channels that will guarantee the message cannot be traced, she pings:]


This is going to sound strange, but I believe I saw you in a dream despite never meeting or knowing of you until you responded to my post. There were spiders, and flying arrows, and you. I cannot remember all the details, but this may be a key piece to doing so. Because if you remember something similar, it means this was a shared experience.
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Who: OTA | mingle
When: W9D2, late evening
Medium: text
Security/Encryption: high, traceable to Qresh only by advanced hackers
Warnings: none

Source: Undefined
Sender: Undefined
Sent to: All

With the Quad in a state of uncertain change, it is imperative that we all do what we can to remain unified. Whether you live for money, for your family, or for your future, no one benefits from unmitigated chaos and organized hatred.

Please, share here your woes, your triumphs - any stories you have to offer from recent days in your lives. Together, we can offer an understanding of the Quad that no individual could ever possess alone. Through a picture painted in all colors - Company, Resistance, Leithan, Westerlyn - we can find an image of our common goal.

Speak to one another. Ask for help. Offer condolences. Seek common ground.

We're all in this together.
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Who: Noiz / Wilhelm OTA
When: W8D6
Medium: text
Security/Encryption: none, untraceable.
Warnings: Noiz being weird. (He's always weird.)



Reality is perverted, even in dreams you're not safe. Isn't that something that's the stuff of bad stories told to kids who won't go to sleep at night?

That the boogeyman lurks behind your eyelids and if you're not careful, things crawl up and out from behind your eyelids to show you things that aren't real.

They say dreams are caused by synapses in your brain firing as your body sleeps but your mind remains active. Showing you things that you know but in ways they're not supposed to be.

So what happens if you see things that you don't know? That's the starting point when good men start to lose their minds. Read too much into them and you'll lose grip on reality.

I've always loved the idea of virtual reality. But to unwillingly face one's own nightmares, only to wake up and not remember anything...

Well. To be candid...

I don't like it. You don't either, do you?

[It's hard for him to not be cryptic when hiding behind an anon tag, but. The whole too-real-dreams thing is bothering him, given he's been working on portable virtual reality for a good year or more now, only to be outdone by whatever the hell is happening.]
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Who: Angel OTA
When: W8D1 (like father like daughter)
Security/Encryption:none, but untraceable
Warnings: none

[Between the accords being pulled from under their feet, the riots with the mess they left behind, and Jack in general Angel hasn't had much time to sleep, but when she does it's like nothing she's ever experienced. Sometimes they're incredibly vivid, like she was actually there in that moment. Others are blurrier but leave her feeling like her heart has been ripped out each time she wakes from them. She needs someone to confide in, but has no one to turn to. Cue the blessing that is anonymous messaging boards. Even if she doesn't find the exact answers she seeks, she may at least find some solidarity, and be able to get this off her chest.]


Been having very strange dreams lately. Usually nightmares. Only started recently. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do about it? Thank you.
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Who: Handsome Jack + You
When: W8D1
Medium: text
Security/Encryption: light unless specified further in a thread
Warnings: jack is a Lot

hey cupcakes, handsome jack here (again)

super wish I could be posting a way more interesting personal ad for hired work but apparently that was "not Company approved" and "unprofessional". which is STUPID because I totally got work out of it just saying but whatever

not actually talking business today more just a general question. because see I am the absolute epitome of health like top tier standard but that hasn't quite been the case lately. kinda thought it was just aftermath from getting sick (which, whoever got me sick, you know who you are--you're an asshole) but not so sure anymore

anyone else been having migraines, nosebleeds, weird dreams, etc? the whole shebang of "don't search this because all the top results are going to say you're dying" kinds of stuff. not that I'm worried but seriously super weird. migraines I can kind of get but bleeding on another damn shirt is the last straw here. also the dreams I guess but those are just weird because I'm not a vivid dreams kind of guy but eh

so yeah do me a favor and let me know if you've been dealing with weird crap lately

man giving this a read this is like the most boring not-quite-email I've ever sent like holy crap what am I someone that wears a TIE

so ending question to spice it up or just keep me entertained while I watch two guys definitely considering whether they're going to stab each other (when did this become less entertaining? SAD) we've got some great new meshwork capabilities in case you haven't noticed so question of the day: top five emojis. bonus points for why. I'm seriously that bored like hey dumbass, just stab psycho mcgee already. cripes

anyways my picks: πŸ’©πŸ†πŸ’ΈπŸ”«πŸ¦„
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Who: Angel, Kate, Steinbeck
When:Week 5 Day 4
Medium: Text
Security/Encryption: highly secure
Warnings: none

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Who: Hawke
When: W5D3
Medium: Text, sort of.
Security/Encryption: None!
Warnings: Irreverence

[ One would think with all the rioting going on, Hawke might try and keep things to a serious note. Really buckle down and help the people, that kind of thing. It should be her main concern, right? Right!

... Except wrong because Hawke's more concerned about her missing dog. Today, the meshwork will receive a ... flyer of a sort posted from Hawke. ]

[ And that's it but also added on, as a text message -- ]

Side note: If any rioters trample my dog during your rioting, I will find you and cut you down where you stand. Please be careful out there! Thank you.

- Hawke

[ Yep. ]

job search

Feb. 19th, 2017 09:33 pm
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Who: Nyx, everyone on the network
When: W6D1
Medium: Text
Security/Encryption: None
Warnings: None?

Looking for some people to work at a bar ASAP. If you've seen Bahamut's Fury, well, you can probably figure out it's not in the best shape. It'll take some work, but if you're willing to put in the time and effort, we can arrange something.

Looking for:


Some of these might need to double for a while. Please know how to count and exchange credits.

Shoot me a text if you'd rather speak privately.
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Who: Angel, Damian, Steinbeck, Kate
Medium: text/voice
Security/Encryption: high encryption
Warnings: none

[It comes in the middle of the night, flashing on your communication device (whatever that may be), a new message from sender UNKNOWN and its subject is a simple one: URGENT. PLEASE READ. The possibility of it being spam is probably just as high as it being an emergency so it's up to you whether it's worth opening but if you do the message inside is just as simple and ominous as everything before it. There is only one sentence:]

Can anyone see this?
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[The scene opens with a camera panning around the J21 news room, three anchors sitting primly against a tasteful navy backsplash. The leftmost anchor clears his throat, stacking a sheet of papers together neatly before addressing the camera.]

Now we turn to news on the latest scandal to rock the royal houses of the Quad. Covering this special report is our senior Quad correspondent, Atarion Murdock. Atarion?

[ The feed cuts away to reveal the smiling face of an older gentleman, dark hair artfully touched with threads of gray. His smile is perfectly sculpted as he stands on the gently rolling deck of a company cruiser set on the waters just before a private Qreshi estate. After a pause, Atarion bows his head in thanks to his coworker. Even in hardcore scifi, news anchors wait an obligatory twenty seconds before their address. ]

Thanks, Tom. New information has arisen in the wake of the purported attempt on Lady Derrish's life - information that potentially indicates one of the Houses as perpetrators of the crime.

[He pauses then, to give the camera a knowing look, lets the moment stretch for effect before he continues.]

An informant tells me that Land Hyopnia is being treated with extreme scrutiny as investigators of the RAC begin to make their case. While they have not been able to divulge too many specific details, I can tell you that I've seen some of the reports with my own eyes. I can assure you all that these agents have been thorough. This report, expected to be released any day, details clear criminal activity by Land Hyponia's scions... and, quite possibly, even their leader.

As you'll recall, Land Hyponia recently claimed new soil on Qresh. However, our understanding is that, as part of their investigation, that claim may be called into question as well. As for Land Simms, well... [he shrugs and shakes his head] My informant wasn't clear on their involvement, so we'll just have to wait and see what the RAC found.

Sadly, the security attache still refuses to let us land on... any... of the Estates, so we cannot address any of the Nine directly. For now.

[Another smile and a nod.]

Back to you, Tom.

(OOC Note: Players can use this post to contact each other via network or thread out action posts in reaction/response to the announcement.)
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Who: OTA
Medium: Video
Security/Encryption: Low
Warnings: N/a.
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Who: Handsome Jack and YOU
Medium: Text
Security/Encryption: none on the original, high in responses
Warnings: it's jack so it'll probably get awful

hey kiddos handsome jack here

which first of all if we're not acquainted, sup. there's a pretty good chance you know who I am since I mean I kind of make a point of that but if not? all you need to know is that I'm (one of) your resident sector managers for the prison intake facility. go do your homework if you don't know who I am. or actually no scratch that go ahead and tell me because if you don't know who I am CLEARLY I need to kick someone's ass. notoriety is the name of the game when you're keeping scumbags in line etc

but as much as I am all for talking about my favorite subject (if you're short a few brain cells and don't get the implication there, it's me) I am actually sending out a general message here for a reason

β™š bringing order to the shithole that is westerley
β™š taking bad people off the streets
β™š violence
β™š like seriously if people end up with some serious injuries not my problem
β™š getting paid $$$$$
then you're in luck because I am taking

since SOME of my contacts keep or I'm super needing to refresh my proverbial rolodex here. rac, info brokers, super hot babes, you name it, I'm (probably) looking for it. I shell out for good work so if you think you've got a service to provide make a pitch

serious offers only, do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers, etc

or do I don't give a crap it's a boring day and I have time to burn

edited to add some color thanks for the suggestions always open for constructive feedback yall
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Who: hanna king, anyone who appreciates an inane post
Medium: text
Security/Encryption: none
Warnings: hanna? which means language

calling all people of the world



any places to get music out here? recommendations? some actual things that took another thing to play it, not just like, inside your ear or whatever?

hmu if you're down 2 get down 2nite

not really i just wanted to use that

also give me some of your new music i'm getting bored with the crap i have thx have a day
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Who: All killjoys.
Medium: Text with an attachment.
Security/Encryption: High.
Warnings: Language.

RAC agents will receive an email with attachment on midday, Week 1, Day 2, on their choice of communicator (ship, handheld, etc). The sender's address has been manipulated beyond recognition, but the domain is clear--RAC HQ. While the message itself is empty, the attachment requests biometric confirmation before it can be opened--a retinal scan, a thumb print, or for those with particularly unforgiving communicator models, a blood sacrifice.

Once they've confirmed their identity as registered RAC agents, they'll receive a Black Warrant notice.

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